Randy Ross PCP Coordinator
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Precinct Committee Coordinator Appointment

We are happy to announce the appointment of Overland Park Ward 4, Precinct 4 Committeeman Randy Ross to Precinct Committee Coordinator.

Johnson County is fortunate to have over 500 women and men serving as Precinct Committee Members (PCMs). This large number reflects the dedication of party members to support the grassroots efforts of the JCRP and to serve the Republican constituents in their precincts.

Over the past year, JCRP has made a concerted effort to support the PCM’s role through educational programs focusing on the responsibilities of the position. Additionally, we have worked hard to introduce other party members to the PCM role. As we proceed into this election season, our objective is to grow in number and further strengthen and organize PCMs so that our “boots on the ground” team can be most effective in representing their constituents as well as promoting Republican candidates, Republican values, and solutions to the issues.

To accomplish this, we have appointed Overland Park Ward 4, Precinct 4 Committeeman Randy Ross as Precinct Committee Coordinator. In this role, Randy will seek out new precinct committee people to represent areas not currently served and will continue to support PCM training and introductory programs. He will also develop an organizational structure for the 500+ PCMs so that we have a group that functions in an efficient and effective manner. It is our expectation that this responsibility will transition to the County Party’s Vice Chair position following our next reorganization meeting.

We thank Randy and everyone who has worked to develop and strengthen our PCM ranks and look forward to what we will accomplish together. For additional information, contact Randy by email at  rross@gowinred.com  or by calling 913-515-4405.

Thank you,

JCRP Leadership