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Derek Schmidt’s Plan for a Better Kansas: First 100 Days

My Fellow Kansans:

Senator Bob Dole used to tell me, “Kansans will show you the way – just listen.”

Well, I’ve been listening, and I’ve heard you loud and clear. I’m ready to be your voice as your Governor.

Many Kansans are anxious about the future. They need the cost of daily life be more affordable. They understand that much of the current “prosperity” in our nation and state is built on unsustainable, liberal government overspending and that those bills will come due. And they want to raise their own kids to reach their fullest God-given potential in a freedom-loving America that respects their family’s values.

Kansans expect sensible, responsible state leaders who put people over party and govern with Kansas Common Sense. We value the fundamentals: families, personal responsibility, opportunity, liberty – and getting things done.

Kansas can and must do better, and we will – starting with these specific actions in my first 100 days serving you as your Governor.

So this is my personal commitment to YOU – and to every Kansan in every community in every part of our state: We’ll work together and get things done – no exceptions, no excuses.

Of course, many issues and actions other than these require attention, and other ideas will be brought forward – as they should be. I’ll keep listening to you. But this detailed plan of 21 specific actions is where I will start.

I am asking for your vote for Governor in the November election because Kansas can, and must, do better.