Kansas Republicans

State Elected Officials

United States Senate

A standing photograph of Jerry Moran
Senator Jerry Moran
A smiling head shot of Roger Marshall
Senator Roger Marshall

Statewide Officials

A head shot of a smiling man
Attorney General
Derek Schmidt
A portrait shot of Vicki Schmidt
Insurance Commissioner
Vicki Schmidt
A head shot of Scott Schwab
Secretary of State
Scott Schwab

Johnson County Officials

Beverly Gossage | District 9

Mike Thompson | District 10

Kellie Warren | District 11

Rob Olson | District 23

Molly Baumgardner | District 37

Chris Croft | District 8

Charlotte Esau | District 14

John Toplikar | District 15

Adam Thomas | District 26

Sean Tarwater | District 27

Carl Turner | District 28

Timothy Johnson | District 38

Owen Donohoe | District 39

Bill Sutton | District 43

Megan Lynn | District 49

Ron Ryckman | District 78 – Speaker of the House

John Resman | District 121

Ed Eilert | Chairman

Charlotte O’Hara | 3rd District

Michael Ashcraft | 5th District

Stephen Howe

Calvin Hayden

Important Documents

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Kansas Republican
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