Below are your Johnson County Republican candidates for the General Election. If you are not sure of your district, you can lookup your information here.

And candidates need more than votes. They need your help. Please consider volunteering in 2020 so we can ensure Johnson County remains red in 2020. Click here to sign up.

Kansas Senate

Diana Whittington

Facebook: Diana4KsSenateDist6

Laura McConwell

Website: lauramcconwell.com

Facebook: Laura-McConwell

James Todd

Website: ToddforKansas.com

Facebook: ToddforKansas

Beverly Gossage

Website: beverlygossage.com

Facebook: beverlygossageks

Tom Bickimer

Website: tombickimer.com

Facebook: tombickimer

Rob Olson

Website: robolsonforkansas.com

Facebook: SenatorOlson

Molly Baumgardner

Website: molly4kansas.com

Facebook: Molly4KS

Kansas House

Chris Croft

Website: croftforkansas.com

Facebook: CroftForKansas

Charlotte Esau

Website: charlotteesau.com

Facebook: Charlotte4KS

John Toplikar

Facebook: JohnToplikarKansas

Rashard Young

Website: Rashardyoung.com

Facebook: Rashard4KS

Kristine Sapp



Cathy Gordon

Website: cathyforksstaterep.com

Facebook: cathyksstaterep

Jane Dirks

Website: janedirks.com

Facebook: janedirksforkansas

Bob Reese

(913) 353-8322

Jeff Shull

Website: jeffshull.com

(913) 303-0237

Sean Tarwater

Website: TeamTarwater.com

Facebook: TeamTarwater

Jerry Clinton

Website: clintonforkansas.com

Timothy Johnson


(913) 728-2024

Owen Donohoe

Website: repdonohoe.com

Facebook: owendonohoe39

Ron Ryckman

Website: ronforkansas.com

Facebook: RonWRyckman

John Resman

Website: johnresman.us


County Offices

Federal Offices