Below are your Johnson County Republican candidates for the General Election. If you are not sure of your district, you can lookup your information here.

Kansas Senate

Diana Whittington

Facebook: Diana4KsSenateDist6

Laura McConwell

Website: lauramcconwell.com

Facebook: Laura-McConwell

James Todd

Website: ToddforKansas.com

Facebook: ToddforKansas

Beverly Gossage

Website: beverlygossage.com

Facebook: beverlygossageks

Tom Bickimer

Website: tombickimer.com

Facebook: tombickimer

Rob Olson

Website: robolsonforkansas.com

Facebook: SenatorOlson

Molly Baumgardner

Website: molly4kansas.com

Facebook: Molly4KS

Kansas House

Chris Croft

Website: croftforkansas.com

Facebook: CroftForKansas

Charlotte Esau

Website: charlotteesau.com

Facebook: Charlotte4KS

John Toplikar

Facebook: JohnToplikarKansas

Rashard Young

Website: Rashardyoung.com

Facebook: Rashard4KS

Kristine Sapp



Cathy Gordon

Website: cathyforksstaterep.com

Facebook: cathyksstaterep

Jane Dirks

Website: janedirks.com

Facebook: janedirksforkansas

Bob Reese

(913) 353-8322

Jeff Shull

Website: jeffshull.com

(913) 303-0237

Sean Tarwater

Website: TeamTarwater.com

Facebook: TeamTarwater

Jerry Clinton

Website: clintonforkansas.com

Timothy Johnson


(913) 728-2024

Owen Donohoe

Website: repdonohoe.com

Facebook: owendonohoe39

Ron Ryckman

Website: ronforkansas.com

Facebook: RonWRyckman

John Resman

Website: johnresman.us


County Offices

Federal Offices