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The Majority Record for Sep 16

It was great to see so many of you at the Kansas State Fair last weekend. Several of you joined me in cheering on our next Governor, Derek Schmidt, as he dominated the debate against Lawless Laura. I especially enjoyed it when Derek pointed out to the Governor that school funding doesn’t really help when you lock kids out of the schools. This week’s edition of The Record follows up on some of the debate themes as we dig into a few of Governor Kelly’s recent troubles. 

The Fraud Governor 
There is no doubt that Governor Kelly allowed foreign hackers and organized crime to gain access to your personal information, including social security numbers. Republicans in the legislature assured that an independent audit was conducted of Governor Kelly’s unemployment scandal. We now have the results of that audit and it isn’t pretty.

This independent audit shows that the Kelly administration paid out nearly $500 million in fraudulent unemployment payments. To make matters worse, the private data of Kansas citizens was compromised during that process but the Kelly administration has still chosen not to alert the individuals who are victims of the fraud. Further, the audit exposed that Governor Kelly’s excuses are just that, excuses. The Governor has repeatedly attempted to blame the situation on an outdated IT system, but it’s been proven that the Kelly administration repeatedly delayed implementation of best practices for cyber security. Best practices that could have been implemented with the current IT system. In fact those best practices eventually were implemented but only after many months and warnings had passed and nearly $500 million in fraudulent payments had been made. 

Governor Kelly and her administration failed the people of Kansas. The Governor is running for reelection touting her leadership experience. Numerous Kansans are currently suffering the effects of being the victims of identity theft due to the Governor’s lack of leadership. And Kansas taxpayers are left footing the bill for the Governor’s lack of leadership. It’s time for the Governor to own up to her mistakes.
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Power of the Penn
One more thing about Governor Kelly’s unemployment scandal:

My friend and colleague Representative Patrick Penn recently took the Kelly administration to task for their incompetence in a powerful op-ed in The Wichita Eagle. It’s the rare thing worth reading in The Eagle and I hope you’ll take some time to check it out. 

As a preview of the op-ed, Representative Penn is right on the money when he writes: “Kelly’s first term has been plagued by gross incompetence and scandals that are disqualifying. She doesn’t represent Kansas values and no amount of gaslighting will make Kansans believe she does.”
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Kelly’s Foster Care Fail
As if one scandal wasn’t enough for the week, the Kelly administration was also rocked by a report from the Kansas City Star detailing the Governor’s failures at managing the state foster care system. Governor Kelly loves to tell anyone who will listen about all of the great work her administration has done with foster care but now even the leftwing Star is calling the Governor out on her misleading narrative. 

Under Governor Kelly, Kansas has among the highest percentage of children running away from foster care. In addition, Kansas ranked as one of the fourth worst states in the nation for the number of missing foster children. The report also showed that the Kelly administration is still failing to achieve several key performance standards. 

It’s despicable that Governor Kelly continues to play politics with Kansas children. The state of Kansas has a duty to children in our foster care system. Instead, Governor Kelly wants to use these children as props to claim credit for accomplishments that simply are not true. 
Democrat Cost of Living Increase 
There was more bad news this week on inflation. The Consumer Price Index showed an 8.3% year over year increase, a number worse than predicted. After the announcement the stock market quickly plummeted. To make matters worse, grocery prices increased 13.5% over this time last year. That’s the highest increase since Jimmy Carter was President in 1979. President Biden and his allies like Governor Kelly are just as ineffective as Jimmy Carter. It’s no surprise that inflation continues to increase when the Democrat answer continues to be more of the same: spend, spend, spend. Every time you go to the grocery store and the bill is 13.5% larger than last year just remember that you can thank President Biden and Governor Kelly. 
Until Next Time
There are plenty more failings of the Kelly administration I could write about, but I think that’s enough for this week. Until next week keep up with the latest on my FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. You can also receive updates by following the Republican House Campaign Committee.

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